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MWJH Library Services

Welcome to Mineral Wells Junior High Library.
You will have an opportunity to explore, read, create, and envision the world
through a plethora of books, magazines, and exciting sites.


Library Media Center Hours:

7:30 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.

Important Information:

  • Students may check out a maximum of two books.
  • Students must bring their library books on their scheduled ELA day.
  • Books are checked out for 2 weeks and highly requested books may only be rechecked once.
  • A student with a library book that is four weeks past due will serve lunch detention until lost book fine is paid or book is returned.
  • A student with an overdue item or who owes a fine will not be allowed to check out additional items.
  • A student must pay for damaged or lost items checked out in his/her name.
  • Students that have lost items from previous schools within MWISD will not be allowed to check out.
  • If a student pays for a lost book but finds it later and returns it in good condition, they money will be refunded minus the fine that would be assessed up to the date the books was paid for.
  • Students may visit the library any time the lights are on as long as they have a library pass from their classroom teacher.