STAAR Testing

Parents and guardians this message is a reminder that next week, Mineral Wells Junior High will participate in STAAR testing.  On Monday, May 8th, our 7th graders will take the math assessment and our 8th graders will take the math retest if they were unsuccessful on the first administration.  On Tuesday, May 9th, our 7th grade students will take the reading test and our 8th graders who were unsuccessful on the first administration of the reading test will take the second administration.  On Wednesday, May 10th, our 8th graders will take the science STAAR and on Thursday, May 11th, our 8th graders will take the Social Studies STAAR.  During these important assessments, we must maintain a quiet, worry-free, and secure testing environment throughout our school in order for students to perform their very best.  We are asking that guardians refrain from scheduling any appointments on these testing days.  We will be on a modified schedule during testing in order to accommodate the four hours required for the assessments.  The schedule will be adjusted each day according to each day's testing needs.  Although you are welcomed to our school on non-testing days, we ask that your visits to our campus during testing days be limited to emergencies only, as they may be a distraction to students.  Further, because of the modified schedule, lunch times will be adjusted and we will be having a closed lunch on those days.  Please ensure your child's lunch plans are taken care of for those days with either a cafeteria lunch or a lunch brought from home, as we will be unable to accept visitors on these days.  Finally, we ask for your help with the following things in order to help ensure success with your student during testing:

Ensure your child gets to bed early so he or she gets plenty of sleep.

Be sure your child is organized the morning of testing and has a good breakfast consisting of protein.  Protein is an excellent brain food.  Free breakfast will be offered on our campus each day for students who are taking a state assessment.

Make sure your child is on time, or a little early, to school on testing days.  The doors open at 7:30am.

Reschedule any appointments that your child has during a testing day.  If your child leaves school during the testing period, they will not be able to return to that test, and the test will be scored as is by the state when he or she leaves.

Let your child know how important it is that he or she does his or her very best.

Help your child relax and know that we all believe in his or her abilities.  Let your child know how confident you are that he or she will be successful.

Thanks again for your help, understanding, and support as we wrap up this testing season.  Have a great rest of your day!

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